Wificombat Weekend Coding Classes
11 - 17 years Old.

With the success of the Teen Techpreneneurship program last year December 2017 our Teens business ideas were worthy of seed investment. We are holding our first coding classes giving students the opportunity to build there ideas into Tech Buisnesses.
We will be teaching our Teens how to design the User Experience for Websites and Mobile apps using UI/USX ADOBE XD.

This is a very new field in webdevelopment - Learn how to use Adobe XD to design and prototype a mobile app. The skills acquired can also be used to design website -Applying the design techniques and productivity tips you have learned in your own design workflow - One step closer to becoming a good UI/UX designer.
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Date: 4th Feb - 24th Feb 2018
Time: 1pm - 5pm

Students are required to bring a laptop


For more enquirers please call 08091776900 / 08099448169 / 08051572427 or Visit www.wificombatacademy.com

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